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Welcome to the Friday Vape Club.

Friday Vape Club was born two years ago when myself and two friends would get together on a Friday afternoon to vape, drink beer and talk vape gear in the glorious Australian sun..... our wife's joking called it 'Friday Vape Club', and yet that name has stuck.

Friday Vape Club was our platform to talk about all facets of vaping and advance through our new found vaping life. It seemed only fitting that I use that name now for a vape review channel.

My aim is to share what I have learned along my vape journey, and help those thinking about quitting smoking, or progress to that next step in their vape experience. Along with helping beginners with information, the aim of the Friday Vape Club channel is to filter out all the bad vaping products so you don't waste your hard earned money.... Let me test these products so you don't have too.

I hope you enjoy the content. Love, your host, Squidly Tris

  • Joined 08-Sep-2018
  • Created By:Friday Vape Club