Advocacy: Folks, even with MY state now threatening, we can't lose hope for the cause Published on 12-Oct-2019 by Jared The Vaping Goat



Our cause is just. Our faith is not misplaced. We stand for the rights of all whom are effected. We stand for the right of choice. We stand as a community for an industry that's meant to save lives. In the end, we cannot lose our resolve against such a corrupt governmental situation. Yes, this is disheartening and leaves us feeling as though there is no light at the end of the tunnel. But in the end, all fights are worth the effort if your cause is justified! Please. . .stay the course! 

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UK -
Royal College of Physicians Reports:

The Canadian Government is trying
to pass Bill S-5. Here's a link from The Electronic Cigarette Association 
that talks about Bill S-5:
The free speech restriction of Bill S-5:

Main group at facebook:

New Nicotine Alliance AUS:

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Bill Richards 1 year ago
I tried putting Anti-freeze in my mod it just fried the board, there was no easy fill port, took me ages to find 😂🤣 Stay strong all of my friends in the States, especially Kris and Ken, you will win but the fight goes on Big love to you all 🤘👍