Cider Farms Full Range Review - It all Apples and Pears init! Published on 11-Jul-2019 by Neash Vape




Today I give you a review of the Cider Farms Range of eliquids **The content herein is intended for viewers over the age of 18 years old or above the legal smoking age in your country** *All reviews are off course free of charge. If you wish for your device or e-liquid to be reviewed and displayed on all my Social Media platforms, please use the email address provided below* For more information visit: Please search on google for Cider Farms eliquid and all shall be revealed. Al wholesale inquiries to **PLEASE REMEMBER: EVERYONES OPINION DIFFERS AND YOUR RESULTS MAY DIFFER TO MINE** ========Find me on social media======== Website: YouTube: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Email: All information provided was correct at the time of this video review.

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