Flavored E-Liquid Ban - DARKER & DEEPER TRUTH BEHIND IT ALL - Published on 14-Sep-2019 by Cloud Theorem



Pull back the veil and discover the underlying truth behind flavor ban. I divulge the dark fundamentals causing this prohibition. 

No stone is left unturned in this abysmal takeover by government regulatory associations, kilgromerants and their media pundits. If this is left unchallenged, almost the entire vape industry will be decimated and Big Tobacco will reap all the benefits.

Here is how you can get involved to make a difference before it’s too late.

Stop Donald Trump from signing the federal flavor ban of e-cig products by participating in this petition:

Join the United Vapor Alliance: http://unitedvapersalliance.org

Join CASAA: http://www.casaa.org/casaa-blog/

Look into further research regarding e-cigarette usage and review the decision to ban E-Liquid flavors:


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