Flavour Boss - Nut Job Boss Shot Published on 18-May-2019 by Chunkmeister




Here's my first looks video of Flavour Boss' most recent Boss Shot!

Great solution for DIY'ers, and Juice Addicts. (Released today, 18th May 2019)

I've combined a demonstration of basic e-liquid boss shot DIY with a quick first look review of the product. (an updated, post steep video will be made in a few weeks, so I can review the product as it is intended) https://flavour-boss.co.uk/product/nut-job-boss-shot

NOTE: This is not a paid advertisement. This product was supplied free of charge in addition to a large paid order of Boss Shots that I've just purchased. It's a creamy nutty flavour, with a flavour profile that cream vapers, or tobacco vapers would really enjoy. It's caramel hit would be enjoyed by RY4 users, and any cream or custard lovers HAVE to go for this.

It's available from Flavour Boss' site https://flavour-boss.co.uk - the 250ml I used in the DIY demonstration here is £10.99 https://flavour-boss.co.uk/product/nut-job-boss-shot/

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