It Is What It Is - Ep.66 - Little advocacy, first impressions, and coming up! Published on 29-Jul-2019 by Jared The Vaping Goat



Big thanks to Vaporesso for sending these 2 devices in the First Impressions and I do want to retort. . .the Gen mod came as a full starter kit, not just the mod! Off to the links!! 

Poonsauce McNasty's Channel:

Frames Janklin's Vapor:

George Will's Statement:

House Committee Meeting with JUUL:…/…/25/health/juul-teens-vaping.html

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UK -
Royal College of Physicians Reports:

The Canadian Government is trying
to pass Bill S-5. Here's a link from The Electronic Cigarette Association 
that talks about Bill S-5:
The free speech restriction of Bill S-5:

Main group at facebook:

New Nicotine Alliance AUS:

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Nate 2 years ago
I am deff. intrested in the gen kit mod I have liked it since i seen it. And ima probly buy that Gen kit and the Foxxy mod i really like it also. THanks for the it is what it is for this week. And i cant wait to see the kylin M review thanks jared
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