It Is What It Is Ep.96 - The COVID-19 panic, First Impressions, and well wishes! Published on 16-Mar-2020 by Jared The Vaping Goat



#COVID19 #FirstImpressions #DoNotPanic 

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Jlmancuso 1 year ago
CDC stated they will no longer be reporting illegal THC cases/death. within weeks all major cities will shut down. NY has closed all restaurants (besides delivery), bars, and public events. Personally I believe this has been massively blown out of proportion. We are looking at approximately 1-2% death rate from confirmed cases. The issue is the majority of cases are not even know because the testing is not really available. In actually more people have and get over this than report which would bring down the fatality rate. H1N1 (swine flu) is more contagious and deadly than this virus. Yet the world was not shut down from it. This is a massive over reaction.
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Anya 1 year ago
Sadly one thing i keep seeing ore the people who arent getting it to stockpile or horde. its the ones that want to rip off fellow Americans! Buy it all up and then over proce it online because they know people will pay that price. Thankfully, Amazon and Ebay are taking measures all be it up to acct. suspensions. ive been sick. Got a cold due to drastic temp changes. part of the trucking life. Take it easy man. ♥🐐
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Buddy tarkington 1 year ago
its mass panic
Buddy tarkington 1 year ago
the mass hysterics hasn't hit where i live in nj,was at walmart this past week and there was a shit ton of tp and paper towels were fully stocked,i read online health officials are closing schools/colleges they are closed for 2 weeks to prevent the bat virus,yeah, its from bats in china,go figure lol!
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