KELPIE RTA TEETHING PROBLEMS??????? Published on 24-May-2019 by The vaping heed




Ehpro and vaping with vic release. Check b-roll footage to see problems ive found with my device. OK i did use a macro lens for some shots and made it longer than usual, but from a machining point of view this could have been checked and sorted through manufacture.I purchased this myself for this review so therefore makes me a customer who got this. I am not pointing fingers or causing any drama, it is things i found giving an honest and fair review which i think helps ehpro and vic be aware of any problems found and sorted, after all is that what reviewers should do??Thanks for watching.


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Andy 2 years ago
Good honest review mate. I think this tank is getting too much respect because of the popularity of the celeb reviewer. It is leaky, and tempremental on the wicking....probably an enthusiasts tank rather than an everyday banger. Just found you and like your style....working through your library.
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