Make Your Own E-Liquid Tutorial - Strawnana Custard! Published on 07-Jan-2019 by Pud Puffs



Today I show you how to make your very own E-Liquid at home using easy to find recipes. There are a wide range of websites and stores stocking DIY Concentrates throughout the UK and even for beginners it isn't a difficult task.

Just stick to your recipe!  All concentrates purchased from!

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KenOWhere 2 years ago
Great video and thank you. 👍 I let mine sit for 2 months and sometimes even longer, when i make it at full strength. These days i make bases of all my favorites, i mix this one at 10.5% as i have changed the way i vape since this days when i first made this. Here is the link to the recipe: One of my absolute favorites, and an all day vape, Is Sugar Rush by ThirdWorldOrder. My version is a bit different as i subbed a couple flavors to those i prefer. Here is the original.