THE CRAZY VAPE SHOW #9 - Weekly live vlog ft. EatMaBB & Dimi Crazy Damper Published on 21-May-2019 by Dimi Crazy Damper Vape Reviews, Vlogs and Crazy Vape Show



Welcome to the Crazy Vape Show, this show will go live at about 8pm GMT+1 every Sunday night. 

This is a vape related show with other topics as well, the hosts are EatMaBB(Scottish) and Dimi Crazy Damper(Belgian). 
Please post in chat as the show will mostly be to do with what you post in there, we will try to get to every post and give a shout out to everyone that posts. 
If you like what you see give a thumbs up and subcribe. 

You can subscibe to our youtube channels here 
EatMaBB - 
Dimi Crazy Damper -

Any giveaways done on the show, the winner will have to pay for the shipping

also watch the show here on EatMaBB's channel without stream problems

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