Top 5 DIY E Liquids 2021 Published on 25-Dec-2021 by TNOTPR Vaping



Hello everyone, First of I just wanted to say thanks for the support this year. Its been a great year and I look forward to another one! Anyway... Here is my Top 5 DIY E Liquids I have ever tried video! Please bear in mind this is JUST e liquids that I have reviewed on my channel and there could be better out there but I have not tried them so can only give my honest view on ones I have actually tried. As always taste will differ between person to person so if you are not sure if you would like what I do, I would suggest checking out some of my other videos of e liquids you have tried and see if you think the same as me. From that you will see if you have a similar flavour pallet as me. Top 5 DIY E Liquid Links: 5) Creamy Tiramisu By D@ve 4) Major cobbler By Warbstar17 3) Flakey Filth Fest By Elvaperino 2) Puff'd Up By SteamOn 1) LMP By lukeloop Subscribe for more videos: Check out my new store and get yourself some limited edition merch or vape related goodies! Buy me a beer? Fancy Supporting The Channel? Patreon: Also why not follow me on social media! Youtube ♥ BitChute ♥ Vape Tube ♥ Facebook ♥ Instagram ♥ Twitter ♥ **ATTENTION** Here on TNOTPR Vaping we DO NOT condone or encourage the use of nicotine or other addicting and mood altering chemicals or drugs. All the information provided is for entertainment purposes ONLY, and not meant to be seen as educational nor informational. You must be 18 years or older (UK) to view any of the content provided

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