Vape News Published on 09-May-2019 by Toothless Vape Reviews



I went on the internet and got four stories a vape news. The most important one is the first one. The three others are just something that I was reading off of the internet. The first one is about Texas trying to put a vape tax on hardware and eJuice. I hope you enjoy the video and thank you for watching. 

I would like to do a middle of the week news segment. I'm not sure what to call it. If you watch this video, if you have any ideas on what to call this segment I'm all ears. Now as I'm not a very big channel so, whoever names the Wednesday vlog, I will give you a shout out on my next video. If you want to leave any ideas for my channel leave a comment and I'm game to try almost anything. This week it's for new stories on vaping and a little bit of advocacy.

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